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1. Guarding: Retail, Industrial & Commercial property

2. Private Security

3. Functions & Events

4. Tactical Unit

5. VIP Protection

6. Estate Security

7. Car Park Assistance Solution

1. Access Control

2. Automation

3. CCTV Surveillance & Installation

4. Intercoms

5. Bio-metric devices

6. Electric Fence installation

Professional Bouncers/Crowd control teamMYC Security Services has well trained Staff  who help maintain order at big social events, clubs, music venues, etc.

Tactical Unit:  MYC has professionally trained tactical team deployed to ensure the safety of institutions where the potential violence is high or the risk to public safety requires an extremely effective response.

VIP Protection unit:  MYC’s VIP protection services en sure that the client doesn’t fall into danger. Our duties are to assess threats, transport and escort our clients everywhere, protect the client should any danger arise. MYC has physically strong Bodyguards to hold down an aggressor if necessary.

Car Park Security SolutionsMYC’s car guards ensure safety, prevent and identify potential threats in parking lots.  The reduction in vehicle thefts and decrease in violent attack on shoppers at shopping centre's can be contributed to the active presence of a car guard MYC Security Association offers well trained guards who are friendly, courteous and helpful to shoppers while remaining vigilant in the protection of assets

 Security:  MYC comprises of well-trained security guards to guard, patrol or monitor premises, shopping canter, malls, schools, town houses, businesses, violence or infractions of rules.

Private Security:  MYC Security realises that investigation services are conducted under the highest protocol of confidentiality and includes trained, undercover operative that infiltrate into the commercial, industrial and retail sectors under various job description. The latest electronic equipment is also used together unobtrusive information when tracking vehicle and people, and electronically by CCTV monitoring and bugging of premises when conducting premises surveillance.